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“I choose Nursing because it is one of the most in-demand jobs at present.”

This statement is one of the most common reasons students give for taking nurse training course. In some countries, like the Philippines, nursing is one of the courses that get the most enrollees every year.  Even the Department of Labor Statistics in different countries show that Registered Nursing is in the top ten with the biggest job growth. And congratulation for choosing this wise career path. But more importantly is the nurse training center as it will be a crucial part of building the knowledge and information as well as giving you the path to choose from.


But what is really behind those men and women dressed in scrubs with a stethoscope around their necks and a clipboard in their hands who tirelessly attend to the unwell among us?  The American Nurses Association (ANA) defined nursing as a person who’s job role is to protects, promotes and prevent injury and illness, alleviate suffering through treatment and diagnosis, also act as an advocacy that care for families, individuals and communities.

All of us, who have gone to a hospital – either to visit a sick individual or to seek treatment ourselves – could perhaps say that nursing work is more than a job.  It is even apt to say that the nursing career is a calling, a commitment to serve people.

Nursing is not actually a new career.  If we go back to history, the first nursing school was established in India around 250 B.C., where only men were allowed to practice the profession because they were viewed as purer than women.  But, by 1800’s things have changed.  Nursing became an organized practice when Florence Nightingale and 38 volunteer nurses were sent to the main British camp in Turkey during the Crimean War to set up the hospital and equipment, and to reorganize patient care.  Since then, nursing education has evolved from that simple beginning to what it has become today.  The discovery of modern and highly enhanced medical technology gives more opportunities for nurses to explore their passion to provide health care. For more information on how to become a nurse, please click here.


Nursing Jobs

The Nursing field is an integral part in patient’s health care system as nurses are involved in basically all aspects of patient care.  They work closely with physicians and other medical professionals in providing a focused and personalized attention. As the doctor makes primary decisions about a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and medication, the nurse performs the corresponding tasks, from hygiene to administering injections and intravenous medications, updating medical records, and other related duties. They do this routine on a continuing basis until the patient recovers.  Nurses interact with patients more frequently, making them at ease and ensuring their over-all well-being. They serve not only the patients, but also the latter’s families and the community in general. They teach patients and their respective families on proper health care so that they may also learn how to perform the same duties and administer medicines once they get back to their homes and continue with medications.

A nurse has actually a wide range of nursing career opportunities.  She can choose to be a generalist or step up to a higher level by obtaining Master’s degrees and additional nursing certifications, where she can choose to focus on a specialty that she loves to do best or where she excels at, such as: pediatric, neonatology, oncology, and other medical specialty.

Nursing Training Center


Nurse Training

Nurse training is normally provided to the student by senior or veteran nurses and also experienced healthcare professionals in nursing training center or universities.  Some of the nurse training programs are very general, while some includes helping students to specialize in a specific skill such as psychology, pediatrics, post operational care and pediatric nursing. To become a registered nurse, students will need to complete  four years nursing training program.

Online Nurse Training

With the new technologies and internet, many of the students now are able to take and complete nurse training online. However, these training are usually basic and a entry level courses which consist of general cases studies which has been reviewed and written by nursing veteran . These online nursing training provided online are convenient for students which are staying far away from located training center where they can access the resources online from their home computer.

Upon completion and passing the exam, the student then are entitled to a certificate and can then proceed on to more specialized and advance course. Below are some featured nursing schools which offer Online Nursing Degree upon completion.

Nursing Schools

  • Kaplan University Online
  • University of Phoenix
  • Liberty University Online
  • Walden University Online
  • Keiser University Graduate School

Locate your local nurse training center and contact them for more information.

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